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Vilhena, Brazil, SA February 2021.


For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s” Romans 14:8.


Greetings, brethren. I pray that you are all well.

The work of implanting the Baptist Church here in Vilhena continues.

In December we had two “big” events. One was the ladies’ Christmas tea which brought out 22 women, one of which was reconciled with the Lord and continues firm. We also had our first Christmas “cantata”. The entire Church was involved in some way; thus we were all edified.

Although the visits are usually short and sometimes just a wave from the gate, I have been trying to visit all the church members regularly in their homes. I have also been making visits to contacts we have in the city, but as we are under restrictions as to “agglomerations”, I confess there is some difficulty in knowing how to proceed as far as inviting them to church services or offering Bible studies or counseling. In other words, I still don’t know how to proceed under this new normal.

It’s difficult to say exactly how many people are attending services these days. Because we are under curfew, we have had to change the times of our evening services, but we have been able to transmit them via Facebook. We do not have electronic equipment, such as a sound table, but we have access to the internet, and I use my cell phone for the transmissions.

I have suggested that the brethren make use of the “share” option as a “tract” to reach other contacts and pray for the Holy Spirit to do His work in their hearts.

The MASTER has given us a good car, although with only room for 7, which I think must be why Rachel has put down her foot and said that we will have no more than 5 children. ? Speaking of which, her pregnancy is going well, and we look forward to Isaias Enoque’s arrival in March.

Next month we plan to have a retreat during the time of Carnival if the LORD permits.

I cannot complain of anything; the GOOD SHEPHERD has been very merciful to us.

Lastly, we pray that the ETERNAL ONE will repay you many times over all the care you have given us.

Following the Master,


Pr. Isaías, Rachel, Hanina Edith, Rachel Harriett, Elsa Hadassah and Kendra Aileen Divino.









Vilhena, Brazil, SA September 2020.


For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s” Romans 14:8.


Greetings! Our sincere desire is that this finds you well and in the Peace of our Savior.

It It is so good to be home again. The year we were gone was one of EXTREME invigoration, instruction, comfort, and protection. We never imagined that it would be necessary for us to leave the ministry in care of faithful coworkers (Pastor Edward Cook and Pastor Jeremy Tyler) to raise support.

I believe I can say that this past year was for us as if we were in Noah’s Ark; the world was in a dreadful situation and my family and I were being fed and cared for outside of our operating environment.

It would be impossible to cite all the times we were taken care of, well received, and sent on—why not just say spoiled—by the churches we visited this past year.

But it was good for us to return to our house and our field of service to the Lord. Our house does not have the comfort and practicalities of where we’ve been the past year. For example, the only doors in our house at the moment are the front door and kitchen door (no bedroom or bathroom doors); when we lay down, we can contemplate the rafters and the electric wiring. As the Lord permits, we are working on the necessary renovations.

When we returned to Brazil it was extremely hot for a number of days, so we praise the Lord for the fanS (note the plural!).

Our entire return trip, a total of 48 hours including van, planes and 11 hours by bus, was extremely smooth and all along the way we were well treated. I can’t complain of a thing!

However, at this moment it is necessary for me to make a request of extreme urgency. I don’t remember asking for anything in my letters, but this time I will be straight forward. Romans 12:13 says: “Distributing to the necessity of saints…”  BRETHREN, I need a huge television set and a video game. It can be the Super Nintendo, XBOX One or even an old ATARI, but please, send me a TELEVISION with urgency. My wife is pregnant for the fifth time!!!!

Honestly, I think I’m one of the few that are obeying the Creator’s command to “be fruitful and multiply…”

In conclusion, may the ETERNAL One recompense you many times over for your care of us.

Following the Master,

Divino Family



Simpsonville, July 2020.


For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s” Romans 14:8.



Greetings in the Name of the Lord!

Here we are again to share with you a little of what the LORD has done for us.

I believe that the MASTER has met our every need because of your prayers on our behalf. He has protected us in our travels and we have had no illness—not even the slightest cold.

The churches we have visited have been very generous and hospitable. One of the most pleasant parts of this ministry is being able to meet new brothers and sisters in Christ, to be able to hear of their testimonies, their difficulties and the victories the Lord has given. The worst part is having to say goodbye to these same people! But our Heavenly Father has put us in different vineyards, and as the distance is great, some of these brethren we will only see again in Heaven.

I would like you to rejoice with us, because last month we were worried about being able to purchase next year’s school material for the girls, although we hadn’t shared that in our letter. We want you to praise our Good Shepherd along with us, because we received some special offerings that made it possible not only to purchase the school material, but also to meet our expenditures for the month.

At the time of this writing, the Lord has raised 72% of our support. By faith we have bought our tickets to return to the field on August 25th, hoping that by then our support needs will be complete.

We have 14 churches scheduled to visit before our return to Brazil.

Once again I want to say: Thank you very much for your prayers and support! May the Lord of the Harvest bless you richly in return.

Please visit our site. There you will find more information about us and be able to accompany the progress of our support.

Following the MASTER,

Divino Family




Simpsonville, May 2020.

“For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s” Romans 14:8.

Greetings, brethren!

Once again it is with joy in my heart that I greet you, knowing that we share the same Lord, Savior, Master and Creator, not to mention His many other attributes.

We’ve experienced many strange things in recent months, haven’t we? I’m sure these are unique times for all of us: frustrated plans, adapting to restrictions, uncertainties, etc. However, we have peace in knowing that our MASTER already knew about everything that is happening. None of HIS plans are frustrated, and we can rest in HIS care. What a comfort it is to know this.

As far as the circumstances we find ourselves in, I have prayed fervently for REVIVAL. For five months now I have concentrated my prayers on this, and I sincerely hope that this time we’re going through will be used in some way by the LORD to return us to a relationship more focused on HIM. Would you join me in this prayer?

One great reason for joy for us is that Elsa Hadassah, our third daughter, asked Jesus to be her Savior on the second of April. As her parents, it is an indescribable sensation to know that we are being able to guide our girls to a knowledge of the most high God. Now our attentions, as far as salvation goes, concentrate on Kendra Aileen.

Bringing you up to date on our plans: we were able to get all the necessary documents in order to apply for an extension (in reference to a prayer request in our last letter). We went through some troubled and expensive weeks, but we were able to conclude everything and now have our tickets in hand to return to Brazil on the 25th of August.

With all our hearts we want to thank you for your prayers on our behalf. As a result, the GOOD SHEPHERD has heard and supplied our every need. “And the barrel of meal wasted not, neither did the cruse of oil fail,” I Kings 17:16.

May the IMMUTABLE one always guides you.

Once again, we want to thank each of you who support us with your prayer finances.

Isaiah; Rachel; Hanina Edith; Rachel Harriett; Elsa Hadassah and Kendra Aileen Divino.