Salvation Testemonies And Calling.

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I am Brazilian. I am also a second-generation missionary, who thought I would go to Heaven because my parents were children of God, thus making me His grandkid. But these two thoughts scared me:

First, I feared Heaven.

Also, I never found the word “grandfather” or “grandson” in the Bible, so I thought: “How could I be God’s grandson if these words are not in the Bible?” So at age 12, at the back of my home, I prayed to God for Him to be my Savior.

When I was 16 I was invited by the director of the camp we were attending to participate in a play about the life of Paul Korenshuk, the first missionary to contact the Yanomamis Indians in Brazil. That was when I realized that God was showing me the enormous need to reach the unreached.

I realized that there are thousands who have never even heard the name of “JESUS”, and as my friend Dr. Gerson Rocha would say, they’ve never heard, neither do they have the opportunity to hear.

I asked the Lord to send my friends, who were better than I was, but I told Him that if they wouldn’t go, even though I felt like the last option, that if He sent me, I would go. “Then said I, Here am I; send me.”



I was born and raised in Brazil, a third-generation missionary, so I always heard about God and the Bible and always went to church.

At the age of seven, I participated in a children’s revival.

On the last night the speaker told a story with the lights turned off and a flannelgraph that shone in the dark.

He explained about hell, and that night I understood that even though I knew about God, if I did not make a personal decision and asked Jesus to forgive my sins, if I died, I would go to hell just like anyone who never heard about Jesus.

That night I prayed and asked God to forgive my sins, putting my faith in His finished work.

In my freshmen year of college, I heard about missionaries in the Fuji Islands and those people in remote areas that will never hear the Gospel unless someone takes it to them. God broke my heart for people in remote locations and directed this burden to the unreached of Brazil