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Theology – Ebenézer Bible Institute in Ribeirão Preto, SP, Brazil – concluded in 2003


Secretarial – Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC– concluded in 2000

Theology – Tabernacle Bible College in Greenville, SC – concluded in 2004


Advanced Linguistics – in Vianópolis, Goiás, Brazil – concluded in 2005

Nurse’s Technician course – in Batatais, São Paulo, Brazil – concluded in 2008


Ministry Experience

Youth leader

Minister of music

Sunday School teacher

Bible institute teacher for Indians

Mission conference speaker

Mission Trips in the Amazon Rain Forest

Outreaches to remote communities


Current Ministry

Independent Baptist Church of Vilhena, Brazil

Visits to contacts in the city, those who have visited services, the sick and the needy

Preaching and teaching

Tract distribution

Compiled a hymn book

Outreach to remote communities

Helping a sister church in São Felipe

Communicating with pastors and missionaries



Assist the establishment of independent local churches

Help sister church in São Felipe

Help an indigenous Bible institute in Pimenta Bueno

Continue outreach to the indigenous communities

Integrate the indigenous ministry with the local Church

Continue communicating with pastors and missionaries



35% as of February 2020.